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Why Lifeguard Training Center is the BEST!

When shopping for a Lifeguard training class please make sure that you are comparing “Apples to Apples.” Our training classes are all taught in a professional climate controlled class room with the latest technology to deliver the cognitive portion of the class. We have a heated indoor pool. We also have enough training equipment that during individual drills each student will have his own equipment. This allows each student more practice time and less down time waiting. This also allows the class to move at a steady pace as the students master the skills. Our Instructors have a combine experience teaching this class of over 40 years. We also have a 98% pass rate. Not because we pass all students, but because we have a proven method that works and instructors that go the extra mile to make our students successful! Our primary focus is training. We are not a pool service company or staffing agency, we only train Lifeguards! This allows us to focus on training Lifeguards NOT filling an employment roster! We do work with several employers around town and can put you in touch with several pools that are hiring for the summer. We will not be beat on value or price.


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