ASA Zoom Meeting Recap and Info

Thank you for taking part in our first virtual meetings.  Special thanks to Matt Murphy and Evan Nylander for helping coordinate the technology.  We covered a lot of important information and hopefully gave useful insight on where we stand at this point.  Thank you for all of your insightful questions, I think they provided added perspective for everyone. While there is a lot of info covered, it is still is a fluid situation and other measures may come into play based on advice from health officials. What is provided here is by no means comprehensive, but it is as much info that we can currently provide.

For those of you who were unable to participate the links to the meetings can be found at (Monday’s Meeting) and   (Wednesday’s Meeting). We covered the same info in both sessions, but the Q&A sessions at the end of each meeting are different. The Power Point presentation we used for the meeting can be accessed by clicking on Power Point Presentation. I have created a recap of the Q&A sessions from the 2 meetings and summarized them Q&A from Meetings. Finally, a couple of teams asked me to provide an update they can share with their families, that can be found by clicking on Update for Families. You are welcome to share any, and all items from our meeting with your families.

Please be sure to complete the Google form to give us an update on your team’s situation for the 2020 season at the following link . Talk to your community before your complete this info, it is crucial in providing us with accurate info. We need this to be done no later than May 20. It is crucial we hear from ALL teams in the league, please make sure you take care of this by May 20.

This form will let us know your team’s status for this season, as well as some important info about your team that we will need for our new normal. Please remember, your reply on your team’s status as having a team or not having a team for 2020 is not binding, that status can change at any time give your team’s situation. You are not locked into your reply, we understand everyone’s situation is fluid, we just want your best estimate at this point.

As we referenced in the presentation, we will be updating the ASA waiver to include COVID 19 specific language. We should have that completed by early next week and will forward that to teams once we do. This will need to be signed all families, including those who have already registered for the season. We will provide instructions on how to include this for each registration platform when we send out the updated waiver. Teams should strongly consider updating their own team waiver language to include COVID specific information.

Thank you again for your patience and positive attitude throughout this situation.  Your support and desire to make the swim season a reality mean the world to the league and all of your families.  I remain optimistic we will make this happen and hope to see you on deck this summer.

Take care and stay healthy,