Coronavirus Update

March 16, 2020

ASA, along with everyone knows that we are in uncharted territory with this situation.  This is obviously a still evolving matter and there is some uncertainty as to how this will all play out over the coming months. We are planning on having a swim season. However, that plan is not 100% in our control. We are closely monitoring the situation with state and local authorities as I am certain you all are. We will do what is in the best interests of our swimmers, families, teams and the community.

Here is what we do know. If we do not have a season, we will refund all registration fees, minus any transactional fees paid to the registration provider. Those transaction fees would likely be a couple of dollars at most. Please continue to register your swimmers as you would normally.   If we are still uncertain about our situation as the first late fee would apply on April 15, we will explore extending that deadline into early May to avoid penalizing families if our season is still in doubt at that time.

Other considerations will involve a delayed start to the season if we get an all clear in late May or early June. This may limit our ability to have a championship meet for 2020 but would still allow us to swim. We have a lot of time to work with in the summer, so missing a meet or two in a limited window still is better than not having a swim season in our opinion.

Again, these options are hypothetical at this point, our plan and hope is to have a full swim season, but we will do so in the context of what is best for our community as a whole.   We are still in early March, there is a lot of time between now and late May when our season is slated to begin. We all need to take a deep breath and keep apprised of developments as the season approaches. The conversations we had during our meetings were very level headed and constructive, so let’s stay on that same track. The hope is that warmer weather and time will be our best allies in the goal of swimming this summer. So in the meantime, wash those hands, cross those fingers and stay tuned. ASA appreciates your support.