The Atlanta Swimming Association is proud to announce our newest partnership with Lifesparq and its Triumph Every Day program.  Our mission is to help you and your family enjoy swimming, learn to personally grow and live a happy, healthy life and this partnership will help enhance your ability to do just that! The Triumph Every Day program is designed to help everyone at any age, learn to unlock their true potential in sport, school and life.  It consists of a unique combination of life-skills, sport psychology and sport nutrition training rolled into one online educational system.  With new lessons added everyday, cooking demos for youth, high school, collegiate athletes and parents, special guest speakers and interviews with highly successful people from all walks of life, this program has something for everyone to educate, inspire and help you build personal habits for your success!

As an ASA summer league member, we’re providing access to this unique program for your family absolutely FREE the first month!  Your second month in the program is 30% off and you’ll receive a FREE box of all-natural, organic, gluten & dairy free, great tasting, sports nutrition bars called Breeze Bars as a gift from Lifesparq.  Breeze Bars were created by registered Sports Dietitian Breeze Brown eight years ago, specifically for her beginner through professional athlete clients and people looking for a healthy snack option on the go!  Breeze is a sports dietitian in the Lifesparq program and will also be teaching

online cooking webcasts throughout the summer.

As an ASA member, you’ll receive 30% off as long as you remain in the Triumph Every Day program and with new content added every day, the value of your subscription will only grow over time!

For more information, visit and register for Triumph Every Day today!   Take advantage of your FREE month, your free box of Breeze bars and 30% off forever on us!

Unlock your true potential and make the most of your life!